Personal & Corporate Taxes

The use of creative personal and corporate tax planning strategies prioritizes tax minimization for both individuals and business. Financial success is achieved through the preservation of personal wealth.


Accounting, Reporting & Financial Statements

Clear and accurate preparation of financial statements is crucial. These statements will provide a summary to the financial well-being of the business and will ensure CRA compliance.



Ensure that all events are recorded accurately. Timely bookkeeping is the essential base for preparation of all accounting reports.

Successful businesses thrive because they have the industry-specific knowledge, passion, and experience to deliver value-added products to their customers. Being a successful professional business ourselves, we can relate to these values. At GWPC, we are keen to learn about your business, no matter what your business is. Our team wants to understand your goals so that we can help you lay out a financial road map that will help you achieve growth, manage change and improve performance. 

Every industry has its unique challenges. Every business within an industry is constantly looking for that new opportunity to overcome these challenges. The team at GWPC is able to offer our clients years of in-depth and specialized experience, extending across industries to provide unique insight into client needs and challenges.

Our goal is to develop personal tax planning and compensation strategies that are designed specifically to help clients lower their tax rates. Maintaining the overarching goals and CRA compliance are the key ingredients for success.

Assurance, Compliance & Audit

Audits and review engagements help provide stakeholder confidence and ensure and compliance with generally accepted accounting standards and principles.

Succession Planning

Determine the optimal retirement strategy or the transition plan for the next generation of a business.

Financial Planning

Work along with independent financial planners to safeguard and build wealth.